Case 2: Edith McLeod


A picture of Edith, she is out at the shops

Edith is a fit 73 year old lady who prior to her stroke led an active life. She chaired various committees and worked as a volunteer in the local Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland shop. She also helped out with three boisterous grandchildren. She had a left middle cerebral artery infarct about 6 months ago and had mild difficulty walking. She was discharged home after two weeks with continuing physiotherapy sessions at out patients’ clinic.

After attending the Day Hospital out patients for physiotherapy, it was noted Edith failed to attend further appointments (with each cancelled at short notice). The physiotherapist notified the Stroke Liaison nurse of Edith’s continued non-attendance and the Stroke Liaison nurse decides to call in to review Edith at home.

At her visit the Sister observes that Edith’s mood is low. When gently questioned Edith tells her she has not been attending her normal social activities, her committee work has been suspended and she has not yet returned to the Chest, Heart & Stroke shop. On further probing Edith reveals that at her last hospital appointment she was unable to tolerate the 90 minute journey to the outpatient department. This resulted in an episode of urinary incontinence. She then went on to reveal problems with her bladder prior to this but these had always been managed well until the ambulance journey.

After her experience at the day hospital, she now feels anxious about going out anywhere unless she is certain of toilet facilities. She has been up during the night to the toilet which is interrupting her sleep patterns and she feels very tired.

Working in the CHSS shop has become problematic as it is not always possible to leave the front of shop at short notice. Her husband is concerned that Edith has withdrawn and lost her enthusiasm for her day to day activities. Edith is reluctant to disclose to her husband and is finding it difficult to continue to conceal the continence anxieties by ‘padding herself’.


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