Case 3: John Spout

A picture of a John Spout indoors.
Mr John Spout is a 70 year old man. He was a school teacher, married with two daughters.

He was admitted with a right hemiparesis, unsteadiness and dysphasia. He is right handed.

Past medical history of hypertension, smoker and mild cognitive impairment.

He has been in hospital for 2 weeks and is now mobile with the use of a zimmer frame. He continues to have some mild right sided weakness, his speech is improving and he is noted to have urinary incontinence.

His wife has stated she could not cope with her husband at home if he remains incontinent.

Q. As a nurse what would you do to manage this continence problems? (Choose from the options below).

A. Nothing because this would be expected following a stroke – No – This is the wrong choice, please try again.

B. Undertake assessment of urinary/faecal continence – Yes – Well done, this is the correct choice.

C. Refer to continence advisor – No – Sorry, this is not the right step at this point. The right step is to undertake assessment of urinary/faecal continence.

Page last reviewed: 28 Apr 2020