Alice’s goal sheet

You and Alice look at the goals and discuss the outcome. From the information gained from the MDT meeting what are the outcomes from Alice’s goals? Use the outcomes scoring key below to help you decide.

Goal Outcome Definition
A = Achieved The patient has consistently completed all components of the goal.
P = Partially Achieved The patient has consistently achieved a recognisable component of the goal but not the whole task e.g. if the goal is to get up and walk with help of one and the patient has only achieved the sitting to standing component then the goal is only partially achieved. If a patient inconsistently manages a goal this does not count as a partially achieved goal.
E = Exceeded The patient has exceeded the goal set e.g. if the goal was to walk in the ward with supervision but the patient is now independently mobile then it would be documented that they had exceeded the goal set.
N = Not Achieved The patient has failed to consistently achieve any components of the goal set.

Q. What are the outcomes of Alice’s current goals?

Q. What are the outcomes of Alice’s current goals?

1. Alice will walk in therapy requiring help from one person to keep her balance. She will consistently move her left leg forward by herself – N – Alice has failed to achieve any components of this goal.

2. Alice will be able to consistently put on her jumper and t-shirt by herself – A – both the occupational therapist and nursing staff report that Alice is now managing her top half apart from her bra. As the components of the goal where to manage her t-shirt and jumper independently then she can have help with her bra.

3. Alice will step round onto and off the toilet with one member of staff. Once standing Alice will keep her balance (using a rail as required) and will pull her pants and trousers the last stage of over her hips with guidance from one person – P – the nursing staff report that Alice is no longer using the turner and that all transfers are now with one person. So she has achieved this component of the goal. But she still needs full assistance for pulling up her clothes. Therefore this goal has only been partially achieved.

4. Alice will make herself a simple snack e.g. beans on toast, using adapted equipment as required, from a stool safely and consistently – E – Alice has been able to make a full meal this has exceeded her original goal of making a simple snack.

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