The key worker goes to speak to Alice

That afternoon the key worker meets with Alice to feedback from the case conference and to review and discuss her goals.

Follow the conversation Alice has with her key worker. Go through the slides to move from scene to scene.

Follow the conversation Alice has with her key worker.

Scene 1

Key worker: “Hello Alice, I wanted to feedback the discussion the team had this morning at the case conference and also review and reset your goals, if that’s OK with you?”

Alice: “That would be good, I was wondering what had been said in the meeting today. Particularly about my walking and when I can get home?”

Scene 2

Key worker: “You have made progress in your dressing, transfers and cooking but you still need help with your transfers and walking. If you and your husband agree we would like him to be more involved in your care, then we can start planning a home visit. How does that sound?”

Alice: “That would be good, I’m sure my husband Sid would be happy to help me if it gets me home. I know I won’t be able to do everything but once I get back on my feet things will be easier.”

Scene 3

Key worker: “Just thinking about your walking, do you agree with the physio that walking is difficult?”

Alice: “Well I know I need help to walk in the gym but I definitely feel it is getting better.”

Scene 4

Key worker: “Is walking still your main priority?”

Alice: “Oh yes I have to get walking; not walking is not an option.”

Scene 5

Key worker: “Well let’s have a look at your last lot of goals and see how we are doing. Do you have a copy?”

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