The MDT meeting

The multidisciplinary team (MDT) have gathered for their weekly case conference. The team have just begun discussing Mrs Alice Rowan.

Go through the slides to see the team members and find out how Alice is progressing.

Scene 1

Introduction: Go through the slides to see the team members and find out how Alice is progressing.

Scene 2

Key worker: “Alice’s main goals continue to be that she wants to walk and to go to the toilet independently. She has done well with her dressing and cooking goals but is still struggling with her walking. She is due a goal review and I wondered how the team feel she’s getting on. I’m just not sure how realistic she is being about walking.”

Scene 3

Staff nurse: “Alice is continent; no longer transfers with the turner but steps round with one person. She’s using the rails at the toilet to stand. She dresses her top half apart from her bra but needs full assistance with her bottom half. Her husband is participating in her care but hasn’t practiced transfers or taken her out yet.”

Scene 4

Occupational therapist: “She has functionally improved; she can make a full meal from a perching stool using adaptive equipment; dressing – upper body she only needs help with her bra; lower body she needs full assistance to pull up her garments in standing. She still states that things will get better when she’s walking. At the moment she’s not ready to accept the idea of a wheelchair.”

Scene 5

Physiotherapist: “Alice is unable to sit to stand independently; doesn’t have independent standing balance and needs assistance of two to walk in the gym, one for her balance the other to assist her left leg. This has not changed in the last four weeks. Alice is unlikely to walk independently. If her house is suitable and her transfers improve she could be wheelchair independent.”

Scene 6

Doctor: “She is still making some functional gains but we need to move the discharge process forward. If she is unlikely to walk and could be wheelchair independent then we need to guide her towards being more realistic about her mobility. I think the best way of managing this is through her goals.”

Page last reviewed: 01 May 2020