Case 3: Douglas

Douglas: Everyday life with a communication difficulty

photo portrait of Douglas and Catriona

Living with a communication difficulty by Douglas and Catriona

Name – Douglas
Age – 57 years old

Medical History – left
MCA infarct 5 months ago

Impairments –

  • Aphasia: moderate expressive and mild receptive
  • Dysarthria: mild.
  • Limb weakness : mild right arm & leg

Work – project manager in an IT department.

Home – lives with wife, Catriona. 2 sons in their late twenties live locally.

Hobbies – Bridge club, eating out, socialising

Background information:

Attended for intensive speech and language therapy (SLT) for 3 months. Now attends once a week as an out-patient.

Return home from the hospital was quite stressful for Douglas as he and Catriona didn’t realise the impact of his communication difficulties until he tried to carry out some of his usual activities.

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