Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

Early recognition of stroke symptoms

What are the signs that you often observe when a person has had a stroke?

Think FAST

Select true or false for each of the statements below:

Signs are:
  • Arm/leg weakness – the arm/leg may seem floppy or weak. The person may drop things.
  • Collapse (altered level of consciousness) – in some cases the individual may collapse when they have a stroke.
  • Fall/loss of balance – due to limb weakness or dizziness this may occur.
  • Facial weakness/drooping of mouth on one side – muscle weakness can cause drooping of the mouth and drooling of saliva may be observed.
  • Speech difficulties – the person may have slurred speech, loss of speech or may appear confused in what they say
Symptoms NOT associated with stroke are:
  • Stomach ache – this is not an indicator of stroke.
  • Pain in chest and left arm – this is not a typical stroke symptom and may indicate another medical condition such as heart attack.
  • Nosebleed – this is not an indicator of stroke.

Page last reviewed: 13 Jan 2020