Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

13: Communication following stroke


On completion of this module you should have a critical understanding of communication problems which are commonly seen after stroke and the impact these can have on the individual.

The answers to all the test questions are contained within the module. This information may be provided in the ‘Additional Information’ boxes on some of the pages.

NB: Information within this module is due to be reviewed. Updated content will appear here shortly.


  Module authors Module lead Gillian Currie, Stroke Education Facilitator, Lothian and Borders, CHSS Group members Niall Broomfield, Consultant Clinical...

Case 1: Steven

Steven is a 46-year old taxi driver. He is married with two children, David who is 21 and Michael who...

Case 2: Deirdre

Deirdre is 76 years old and is a retired head teacher. She is very independent. She lives alone, is a...

Case 3: Douglas

Douglas: Everyday life with a communication difficulty ...


Having completed of this module, you will now: Supported communication Understand what supported communication is and how to use with...

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