Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

03: Nutrition, hydration and swallowing issues following stroke


On completion of this module you should have a critical understanding of the importance of achieving a patient’s optimal nutritional status to support their recovery following stroke. This will include addressing the challenges of achieving optimal nutritional status in patients with dysphagia.

The answers to all the test questions are contained within the module. This information may be provided in the ‘Additional Information’ boxes on some of the pages.

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Introduction- Module Authors

Module lead Gillian Capriotti,  Speech & Language Therapist, AHP Stroke Consultant, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Group members Alison Cassells,...

Case 1: Connie

Connie is 67 years old and was found collapsed at home today by her daughter. She has now had a...

Case 2: Bill

Introduction to Bill from GP letter: 29 October 2020 Thank you for seeing this 71-year old gentleman. His wife reports...

Case 3: Freda

Freda is 84 years old, has a daughter who lives locally and a son staying in America. She is widowed...


Having worked through this module you will have learnt: The procedures for screening patients in the acute phase of stroke...

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