Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

Case study: Dave Walker

Dave is on his return from holiday

Dave sitting on aircraft
Dave on emergency trolley going into ambulance
Dave on emergency trolley arriving at hospital

Dave Walker is a 39 year old man who works as a production manager in a food processing factory. On the Thursday before Easter he was well when he boarded his flight back from a holiday in America with his wife Jenny and their two sons aged 8 and 10. Jenny works part time as a teaching assistant. Dave woke up near the end of the flight with left sided weakness, altered feeling and slurred speech. On assessment he was found to have a dense left-sided weakness, marked left sensory loss and dysarthria. He smokes but has no other medical history.

In our case scenario we follow Dave in two different ways at the same time. This leads to different consequences and outcomes for muscle tone and spasticity in each version of Dave (Similar to the film Sliding Doors) One version of Dave goes to an acute stroke unit and the other Dave goes to a general ward. In both versions Dave is seen at the accident and emergency department.

Page last reviewed: 06 May 2020