Charlie Farhead

photo portrait of CharlieCharlie is a recently qualified nurse who has been working on the stroke unit for the last 9 months. In that time he has completed the unit’s induction programme which included STARs online training and shadowing other members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT). He has also been provided with a stroke competency toolkit (SCOT).

The stroke unit implements multidisciplinary goal setting with all its patients and uses nominated key workers to facilitate this. Prior to being a nominated key worker Charlie has received goal-setting training and observed members of the team undertaking key worker roles. He has a named goal setting mentor who is experienced in the process and will provide him with ongoing support and guidance.

The unit also actively supports and encourages patients to undertake self-practice tasks within the ward environment. As one of the key professionals in the MDT, Charlie has a pivotal role in delivering this.

The stroke unit recognises the importance and value of engaging people in self-management early on in their rehabilitation. This case scenario will focus on patient-centred goal setting and self-practice as two examples of self-management strategies.

Page last reviewed: 02 Apr 2020