Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

12: Vision after stroke


On completion of this module you should have a critical understanding of 4 visual problems which are commonly seen after a stroke:

  • visual field loss
  • visual neglect
  • visual perception
  • eye movement problems

The answers to all the test questions are contained within the module. This information may be provided in the ‘Additional Information’ boxes on some of the pages.

NB: Information within this module is due to be reviewed. Updated content will appear here shortly.


  Module authors Module lead Thérèse Jackson, Consultant Occupational Therapist in Stroke, NHS Grampian Group members Darren Brand, Senior Orthoptist,...

Case 1: Vince and Nigel

Meet Vince and Nigel Vince is a 64-year old widower. He is currently unemployed. His hobbies include walking his dog...

Case 2: Pamela

Pamela is a 72-year old woman who is a retired legal secretary. She lives with her husband Derek in their...

Case 3: Peter

Peter is a 61-year old man who is a self employed painter and decorator. He lives with his wife, he...


Having completed this module and should now: Have knowledge of visual problems following a stroke Have knowledge of assessment processes...

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