Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

13: Swallowing

Introduction and Learning Points


This activity explores the knowledge and skills required by health and social care staff to recognise the signs of swallowing problems following stroke and the effects that these may have on a person who has had a stroke.

NB: Information within this module is currently being reviewed. Fully updated content will appear here shortly.

Learning Points:

  • Describe the signs of swallowing problems following stroke
  • Describe the effects of swallowing difficulties following stroke on an individual’s fluid balance, nutritional state and general well being
  • Identify the potential risks associated with swallowing difficulties
  • Explain how swallowing difficulties following stroke are documented and communicated by staff
  • Identify strategies which may be used to assist an individual with swallowing difficulties following stroke
  • Explain the first aid treatment of choking


This module has been through a full review & update: November  2020.

Page last reviewed: 20 Nov 2020