Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)


Actions which may be taken to reduce the risk of developing pressure sores

We have already mentioned some strategies which may help prevent Mr Winters developing pressure sores:

  • A pressure care risk assessment should be included and updated as required in the patients notes
  • Changing his position regularly
  • Checking his pressure areas/points
  • Liaising with colleagues
  • Using appropriate pressure relieving equipment

In addition, you may need to consider other factors such as:

  • Ensuring there are minimal creases in the bed sheets and pillow slips
  • Ensuring the person is not lying/sitting on hoist slings
  • Ensuring the person is not lying/sitting on their catheter
  • Ensuring the person’s clothing is not too tight e.g. socks
  • Maintain continence if necessary by regular toileting and changes of incontinence products
  • Being aware that if a person is sweating this will cause their skin and any clothing/bed linen to be damp
  • Ensure pressure relief cushion is used if required and if necessary label with patients name to ensure it is used for the correct patient

Page last reviewed: 29 Jan 2020