Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

Knowledge, skills and benefits


Stroke increases the risk of an individual developing pressure sores. The risk is greatest in those who are unable to move themselves around the bed or trolley, and those who are undernourished or have problems with infections or incontinence. Although pressure sores are often painful and may take months to heal, they are usually preventable.


All staff should be aware of their part in reducing the risk of pressures sores. For example, the hospital porter might reduce the time the patient lies on a trolley and the carer may help optimise the patient’s food intake. Staff should know their local procedures for using a validated pressure assessment tool or skin awareness bundle.

Benefits to the individual

The individual is less likely to develop a pressure sore, and more likely to avoid the pain and prolonged hospitalisation which is often associated with them.

Page last reviewed: 29 Jan 2020