Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning (HEARTe)

Case 1: Edward

Meet Edward

Eddie collapsed in the shopping centre with his wife shouting "Help! somebody help!"

Edward is a 60 year old man, who works as an architect. He is out shopping with his wife, Fiona, when he suddenly collapses outside a large pharmacy. He has no past medical history of note. A member of the pharmacy shop staff arrives and, on realising that Edward has collapsed, organises for a colleague to telephone 999 while she goes to fetch the shop security guard, who is trained in CPR.

Fiona shouts: “Help! Somebody help!”

Pulse point

The Save a Life for Scotland (SALFS) initiative aims to increase CPR training amongst the Scottish population. Since its launch in October 2015 in excess of 60,000 people have learned CPR (Scottish Government, 2016):