Case 2: Isa


Isa is a 83 year old lady. She lives alone since her husband died 3 years ago but she has close friends and family.

Go through the slides to see her isabook and find out more about her social networks.

Go through the slides to see her isabook and find out more about her social networks.

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Isa Stewart

Basic Information

Gender: female

Birthday: 01 April 27

Home town: Inverlochie

Relationship Status: Widowed

Children: Anne Kerr

Looking for: networking


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Jean Campbell – Isa’s next-door neighbour – Aged 52 – Works 12 hours per week at the local library, fanatical knitter and founder member of the Cast Off knitting group.

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Effy McKenzie – School-friend – Aged 82 – Worked with Isa at the Kings Tobacco Company and goes to Bingo with Isa every Wednesday afternoon.

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Anne Kerr – Daughter, lives in Brighton – Aged 45 – Manages the local animal rescue hospital, has no children and lives with her husband who is a social worker.

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Edward Burns – Isa’s cousin, lives in Toronto – Aged 68 – Is a retired train driver, main carer for his wife who has rheumatoid arthritis.

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Agnes Lacroix – Isa’s cousin, lives in Quebec – Aged 72 – Housewife, she is agoraphobic and an award winning quilter.

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Isabelle Lacroix – Isa’s second cousin, lives in Vancouver – Aged 48 – Married with 3 children (Wayne and Bairn, 17 year old twins, and Isabelle, aged 8 who has a learning disability), she is a teacher (physical education) and former junior ice hockey champion.


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Bingo wings – Members meet 1 – 3 times a week for Bingo and a fish tea, a percentage of their winning is pooled to fund day trips to Inverary and Blackpool.

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Cast Off knitting group – Meet every second Thursday at Jean’s house, Isa attends most weeks, mainly for the company – she is a terrible knitter!

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Kings Tobacco Company – A decreasing membership as the ex-workforce ages. They have annual reunions, which are poorly attended – Isa goes because she likes having the opportunity to dress up and catch up with the latest news – mainly ‘hatches and dispatches’! Her best friend, Effy does not go, because she has an incontinence problem and so tends to avoid formal, public occasions.

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