People who have had a stroke or TIA are at greater risk of further strokes, as well as heart attacks and other vascular disease. An important aspect of management is to establish the patient’s risk and to minimise this.

On completion of this module you will have learned:

  • Recognition of important underlying causes of stroke e.g. ischaemic due to cardiac embolism
  • Knowledge about risks of stroke after TIA and minor stroke and how one might present this to a patient e.g. relative risk, absolute risk.
  • Understanding of the change of risk over time and the importance of this for starting treatments as early as possible
  • Understanding the indications for, and the effects of
    • antiplatelet drugs and their combinations
    • anticoagulants
    • carotid endarterectomy
  • Understanding the problem of poor adherence to medications
  • Advice on lifestyle modification and how best to influence / support lifestyle behaviour

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Page last reviewed: 05 May 2020