Having completed this module the learner should now know about:

Clinical research

  • Asking and answering questions to improve stroke care
  • Different types of studies for different types of questions
  • Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) being the best for determining whether a treatment works or not


  • Synthesising the results of relevant research
  • The Cochrane Library

Evidence based guidelines

  • How evidence based guidelines are developed and know about levels of evidence

Clinical standards

  • The seven national stroke standards
  • The Local Development Plans and Stroke Improvement Plan for stroke unit admission

Clinical audit

  • The Scottish Stroke Care Audit (SSCA) and how to access reports
  • Interpreting the reports on performance

Service improvement

  • The Managed Clinical Network (MCN) and its role in quality improvement
  • How audit data can be used to drive improvements
  • Priorities from Better Heart Disease and Stroke Care Action Plan
  • Local action plans including training and education

High quality care for all

  • Delivering quality care to all patients in line with standards/guidelines
  • The individual’s contribution to improving the quality of stroke services
  • Raising unanswered questions and facilitating research

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