Four weeks later

  • Wilma notices that her mother is now very reluctant to leave the house and makes excuses when she suggests going out somewhere.
  • Wilma is concerned that her mother is becoming isolated and that she has not been meeting up with her friends at her local bingo club or church groups.
  • Jennifer now relies on her neighbour to walk her dog Tipsy and appears reluctant to take back this responsibility.
  • Even the visitors from the church have noticed a change in Jennifer’s mood.
  • Wilma suggests that they speak to the physiotherapist to see if she can offer any help.

The physiotherapist visits Jennifer and Wilma at home and a discussion takes place regarding Jennifer’s concerns. Jennifer mentions that she is frightened she might fall and doesn’t like walking on her own. The physiotherapist tries to reassure Jennifer and asks her if it is OK to discuss this with the rest of the team. Jennifer agrees.

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