Stroke liaison nurse visits following MDT meeting

The nurse gives Jennifer a couple of useful booklets on emotional issues post stroke and tells Jennifer that she can discuss these with her in more detail at any time.

The nurse also asks Jennifer if she may complete another mood screening form so they can monitor her progress. Jennifer agrees and the nurse completes a HADS: Jennifer’s HADS [PDF, 203 KB]
For more information on the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) view the ‘Additional Information’ box below.

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‘We had a team meeting yesterday, and the physio mentioned that you were a bit more apprehensive about going out and about than you have been since you got home?’ suggests the stroke liaison nurse.

‘Well, yes, I suppose I haven’t been out much,’ replies Jennifer.

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‘Why do you think that is?’ asks the nurse, ‘You have been doing really well.’

Jennifer responds by saying, ‘I don’t know really.’

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‘Has anything happened that has worried you?’ says the nurse.

‘I just don’t feel good when I try to go out,’ replies Jennifer.

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‘What do you feel is wrong?’ the nurse asks.

‘Well, I get all sweaty and my heart thumps so hard in my chest, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I thought I was going to have another stroke when I was out walking my dog Tipsy. Everyone was looking at me!’ explains Jennifer.

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‘Has this happened a lot Jennifer?’ the nurse continues.

‘Every day now, as soon as I think about going out. What if I fall and can’t get up?’ wonders Jennifer.

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‘You know Jennifer people often get worried after a stroke. It is a very traumatic experience for anyone. However, at the moment this worry or anxiety seems to be really affecting how you are getting on now you are at home. How would you feel about discussing some possible options to see whether we can help you get out and about a bit more?’ suggests the nurse.

‘Yes, that would be good. I don’t want to stay like this for ever but I’m not sure what to do to make things better,’ replies Jennifer.

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