Jennifer’s home assessment report

Home Assessment Report
Patient Details Jennifer Parks, 10 Green Street, Edinburgh
DOB 10.10.30
Social History Lives alone in ground-floor flat. Normally fully independent in personal and domestic tasks. Main interests include walking dog, attending bingo, church, and socialising with friends. Can be apprehensive in new situations.
Reason for Admission Right POC stroke resulting in homonymous hemianopia and visual inattention to her left side (resolving), residual balance problems (resolving).
Previous Medical History High blood pressure.
Present on Visit
  • Jennifer Parks (Patient)
  • Wilma Parks(Daughter)
  • Anne Brown (Occupational Therapist)
  • Jane Black (Physiotherapist)
Problem Recommendation Action (by whom)
Mrs Parks was generally well orientated around her flat and coped well with all activities. She appeared nervous transferring in/out of bath Bath-board and seat to be supplied (has been using this equipment effectively on the ward) Refer for equipment to be delivered prior to discharge planning.
Action Anne Brown – OT
Shopping – Still requiring physiotherapy input for out-door mobility (mainly confidence issues) Would benefit from accompanying person initially until confidence in outdoor mobility improves Daughter has agreed to accompany Mrs Parks Initially when home
Action Wilma Parks – Daughter, Referral to domiciliary physiotherapy – Jane Black
Patient living alone and expressing concerns about “getting help” in emergency Would benefit from personal alarm system Refer for personal alarm
Action – Anne Brown OT

Mrs Parks has made an excellent recovery since her stroke and is now fully independent in self care, including taking her medication and kitchen tasks. A mood screening tool has been carried out with no problems being identified from this. Although she was initially slightly worried about her ability to cope at home her fears were alleviated by the assessment as she achieved independence in most areas. The only area of concern highlighted on the assessment was transferring in/out of the bath. Equipment will be supplied which will improve her confidence (she has been using this equipment successfully on the ward).

She now feels more confident in her ability and is looking forward to returning home. Mrs Parks will be discharged home with follow-up domiciliary physiotherapy and regular visits from the stroke liaison nurse.

The nursing staff discuss with Jennifer any other issues or concerns prior to her discharge. Although Jennifer was worried before her home assessment she now feels happy about returning home.

Page last reviewed: 25 Feb 2020