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George is a 76- year old gentleman who has been in your stroke unit for 3 weeks now. He had a severe posterior circulation stroke and has had a low conscious level since. He opens his eyes and allows all care to be carried out but his family have asked if he is “locked in” as he gives no verbal response. His family were initially he might die but wanted everything possible to be done.

George has had a NG feeding tube in place since day 2 because his swallow was assessed as unsafe. At present he is tolerating feeding. He has just completed a course of antibiotics but still has a moist cough.

George is married and both he and his wife were looking forward to travelling more since their recent retirement. They have a daughter who is very involved and visits George in hospital daily with her mother. George’s wife is now expressing her doubts that George¬† would want to be in this situation.

Page last reviewed: 20 Aug 2020