Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

Protection and Assistance

How can you protect or assist someone with loss of feeling?

  • Make sure you know if the person has loss of feeling and understand how this may affect them
  • Ensure that the person is aware that they have got a loss of feeling and which parts of their body this is affecting
  • Check that the person understands the possible effects that their loss of feeling may have on them
  • Ensure that the person is aware of the importance of good positioning. This will include encouraging them to regularly check the position of their limbs as they may not be aware of these positions changing
  • Ensure that the person is aware of the need to change their position regularly to help prevent pressure damage to the skin. Where appropriate pressure relieving equipment should be used
  • Use aids and adaptations e.g. in the kitchen to promote safety
  • Make sure other family members/carers are aware of how loss of feeling can effect the person
  • Advice the person and their families/carers on how to make their environment safer

Page last reviewed: 23 Jan 2020