Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

Longer term effects

photo portrait of elderly Violet

What might be the longer-term effects of Violet’s swallowing problems?

Weight loss – Violet is eating less as she finds it difficult and effortful. She therefore rarely finishes her meals.

Dehydration – Violet find that her tea dribbles out of her mouth and her tea gets cold so she doesn’t finish it.

Malnutrition – Violet is avoiding several foods she finds difficult to swallow and is therefore not getting a balanced diet.

Recurrent chest infections – Some of the food and drink Violet swallows enters her airway and lungs and causes regular chest infections which makes her feel unwell.

Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) – As Violet is drinking less she has developed a UTI. This is also making her muddled/confused.

Disinterest in food – Violet does not enjoy eating because of the effort involved and is frightened of choking.

Embarrassment eating in front of others – Violet feels embarrassed when she dribbles her food and coughs and chokes because it disturbs others.

Page last reviewed: 16 Oct 2020