Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

Case Study: Bob and Vera

Bob and Vera dancing

Bob and Vera are enjoying a dance.

What advice would you give them to reduce their risk of stroke?

Bob's story: "Hi, I'm Bob, Edna's son. I'm 56. It's good to be here as I am usually away driving my lorry. The food is better here as I usually pick up some fast food on the go. After mum's stroke I went to see my doctor and found out that I had high blood pressure. My cholesterol is a bit high too."

Vera's story: "Hello I am Vera, Edna's younger sister. I never married. I keep fairly healthy for a 76 year old. I keep myself busy and have recently raised £500 for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland with a coffee morning. I have never driven, so I get the bus or I prefer to walk everywhere as it helps my asthma. I am looking forward to a dance later with my nephew Bob. I am also going to treat myself to a sherry, although I don't normally drink."


Bob needs to modify his diet by cutting back on the amount of fatty foods he’s eating and reduce his salt intake. It would be a good idea to take some fruit. He should continue to have his blood pressure and cholesterol monitored and take regular exercise.

Vera’s doing really well, looking after herself, keeping fit and healthy. She should continue this and make sure she gets regular blood pressure and cholesterol checks.

Page last reviewed: 14 Jan 2020