Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

Case Study: Jamie and Uncle George

Jamie and Uncle George having an alcoholic drink

Jamie and his uncle George are having a drink at the bar. What advice would you give them to reduce their risk of stroke?

Jamie's story: "Hi, I'm Jamie. I'm in my first year at University studying medicine. I'm really enjoying student life - living it to the max. The grub was great today, I usually live on noodles and ready meals."

George's story: "Hello I'm George, Edna's eldest son. I've just had my 60th Birthday. It was a bit difficult as I lost my wife last year. I'm lost without her, my cooking is not so good. And I can feel these trousers are getting a bit tight. My Doctor thinks I should lose some weight. I have been seeing him recently with a bit of heart trouble. I think he calls it atrial fibrillation."


Jamie Should:
1) Stop binge drinking, maintain safe drinking limits.
2) As a doctor, you’ll want to remind some of your patients that any use of recreational drugs can significantly increase the risk of a stroke.
3) Reduce the amount of fast foods he is eating, to reduce the salt in his diet. Reducing high salt intake may help to lower his blood pressure.
Uncle George should:
1) Continue taking his medication and go for regular warfarin checks which he has been prescribed for his atrial fibrillation.
2) Join a local cookery class.
3) Increase his regular exercise levels to 30 minutes moderate activity 5 times a week.

Page last reviewed: 15 Jan 2020