What strategies could be used to support Jennifer?

Q. What strategies could be used to support Jennifer?

Goal Setting

This would be a very useful strategy for Jennifer to use. Goal setting can support individuals to reach their maximum potential. For further information on Goal Setting, see the Physical Management Module.

Anxiety diary

This may be helpful to Jennifer as it will allow her to record when she has these feelings of anxiety and understand what may be triggering them. It will also inform the MDT of the frequency and severity of these episodes.

Provide information

Yes it is always important to give appropriate information in a variety of formats to people and allow them the opportunity to ask questions. (SIGN 108 2008).

Relaxation techniques

There are many relaxation techniques that may be helpful to people. For more information select the Additional Information box below.

Refer to GP for urgent ECG

This would not be appropriate as Jennifer’s feeling of her heart, “thumping” is related to times when she is anticipating leaving the house. There is no indication, at present, that there is an underlying cardiac condition.

Referral to a clinical psychologist

The majority of cases of anxiety do not require referral to a clinical psychologist; however this may be an option if symptoms persist. The stroke liaison nurse may wish to discuss Jennifer’s case with a clinical psychologist for specific guidance on a structured intervention.

Tell her not to worry and ignore the symptoms

This would not be good practice. Jennifer has physical signs related to her anxiety which are impacting on her quality of life. This should not be ignored.

Page last reviewed: 26 Feb 2020