Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

At the hospital: Outcome 3

3. Admission to the Stroke Unit

Use the quiz below to test your understanding.


The relative advantages of being admitted to a stroke unit are –

  • Specialised multidisciplinary stroke care – stroke units have multidisciplinary staff who have specialist skills in stroke
  • Increased recovery rate – stroke units have been proven to increase the rate of recovery for patients with stroke care
  • Better food – this may or may not be the case
  • Reduced death and dependency – stroke unit care has been shown to reduce the numbers of death and dependency compared to care in general medical wards
  • Trained staff – staff in specialist stroke units undertake specialist stroke education
  • Early assessment – stroke unit care includes early assessment of the patients signs and symptoms and of rehabilitation needs
  • Cleanliness – other wards are a similar level of cleanliness to stroke units
  • Coordinated weekly meetings – stroke units have regular weekly meetings for the multidisciplinary team which have been shown to improve patient outcome
  • Early goal setting – stroke unit care includes early goal setting which involves the patient in their treatment
  • Proximity to therapy departments – stroke units are not necessarily any nearer to these facilities
  • Early assessment of discharge needs – stroke unit care includes early assessment of discharge needs and involves the patient and carer(s) in discharge planning
  • Routine provision of info – staff in stroke units routinely provide information for patients and their carers

Page last reviewed: 15 Jan 2020